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Windows 7
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Microsoft has announced that Monthly vulnerability and security patches for Windows 7 & Server 2008 will end on January 14, 2020.

What does that mean to you?
Quite a lot actually. Your Windows 7 systems will no longer receive Microsoft’s automatic monthly security and bug fixes. Collectively, Windows Update Service repairs 100’s of vulnerability, security, and bug issues per year.

Take a look at Qualys Blog which summarizes Microsoft’s patch notes each month. In today hostile environment with ransomware and malware hijacking your systems for botnets, crypto mining, or worse, you should not think that it will be OK to continue using Windows 7 after January 2020.

It is time to upgrade or migrate to a new operating system. Graham in The Laws of Vulnerabilities May
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May 2019 Patch Tuesday –

79 Vulns, 22 Critical, RDP RCE, MDS Attacks, Adobe Vulns

This month’s Microsoft Patch Tuesday addresses 79 vulnerabilities with 22 of them labeled as Critical. Graham in The Laws of Vulnerabilities April
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April 2019 Patch Tuesday –

74 Vulns, 16 Critical, 2 Actively Attacked, 1 PoC Exploit, Adobe Vulns

This month’s Patch Tuesday addresses 74 vulnerabilities, with 16 labeled as Critical.

Continue reading … Graham in The Laws of Vulnerabilities March
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March 2019 Patch Tuesday –

65 Vulns, 18 Critical, RCEs in DHCP Client, Adobe Vulns

This month’s Patch Tuesday addresses 65 vulnerabilities, with 18 of them labeled as Critical. Graham in The Laws of Vulnerabilities February
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February 2019 Patch Tuesday –

74 Vulns, 20 Critical, Exchange 0-day, Adobe Vulns

This month’s Patch Tuesday is very large, with 74 vulns being addressed of which 20 are labeled as critical. Graham in The Laws of Vulnerabilities January
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January 2019 Patch Tuesday –

47 Vulns, 7 Critical, Adobe Vulns

This month’s Patch Tuesday is medium in size, with 47 vulns covered and only 7 labeled as Critical.

This process can seem daunting and disruptive but don’t worry. We can quickly and efficiently update your systems, transfer your data, install your programs, verify workflow, and have you back up and running on a secure and modern operating system with minimal downtime.

We offer free evaluations and Discounted Migration Services to those who update before January 2020!

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What to consider?

Age of Hardware

Older hardware may not be worth spending the time or money to upgrade for the new Operating System. We can evaluate your current equipment and help you determine if it should be repurposed, updated, or, replaced.

Hardware Compatibility

Just like with the software, if your peripherals worked with Windows 7, they should work in windows 10. However, there are cases when scanners and printers are not supported. In this case, we will provide cost-effective alternatives.

Software Compatibility

When upgrading to a newer version of Microsoft Windows, most of the time, your applications will run fine. If you are worried about compatibility or loss of information, we address those issues during our preliminary evaluation. As a protective measure, we always make multiple backups of all your data and provide test environments to verify that all of your software and hardware function as expected.

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